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Western North Carolina Rotary District 7670 Launches Operation Overlord 2014

Friday, June 6th, 2014 marks the 70th anniversary of this historic event and once again many our brave World War II veterans will be on the move; this time to Bedford, Virginia, site of the National D-Day Memorial.  To celebrate and honor the men and women who planned, worked, fought and died for our freedom in the Normandy invasion campaign, the Rotary Clubs of North Carolina and Virginia are leading the project to organize and sponosor the travel of every surviving veteran in those states to the memorial for the celebration.
Whether you are a qualified Normandy invasion campaign veteran, a family member, friend or a proud Rotarian, this website is meant to provide you with information and tools for finding eligble veterans, veteran registration, and club participation.

Help us find surviving Normandy Invasion Campaign Veterans!

At this point our biggest challenge is locating these surviving heroes within North Carolina and Virginia.  If you are, or know of a qualified Normandy invastion campaign  veteran currently living in North Carolina or Virginia that meets the broad definition below, please click the Veteran Registration button at the top of this website or call us at (828) 407-0095.

For purposes of this project, a Normandy Invasion Campaign (D-Day) veteran is defined as any American veteran able to describe in writing his/her participation in the Normandy Campaign (Operation Overlord), from June 6th- August 31st, 1944 or has documented evidence of receiving an official Normandy Battle Campaign credit. Acceptable participation would include involvement in pre-invasion air strikes; actual landing or air assaults (paratroops and gliders); follow-up reinforcements; off-shore naval support; air cover or air reconnaissance missions; deception operations; and naval, land or aerial logistical support, medical, and resupply operations.

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